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Our mission to you

Our mission is to supply new streamers who are struggeling to get the attention they deserve with a tool that will help them earn recognition in the community.



Bring real people to your chat and engage your viewers.


Boost your follower count with help from other streamers.


Having a larger following opens up doors for money making opportunities.

Twitch Helper

How it helps grow your audience.

Twitch Helper runs through a list of live channels that you search for and then requests each channel to go follow-for-follow on your account.

Creating your audience.

Start by browsing for categories of streamers that you think will follow your channel. Be sure to use Twitch’s built-in filter and sort options to get better results!

Engaging your audience.

Twitch Helper will gather the links of each live account in your audience and follow them while sending your customized follow-for-follow request in their chat.

Gain viewers and followers.

Sit back and watch your channel grow with the viewers and followers that Twitch Helper brings to your live stream!

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