Advanced Filters

Refine your target audience down to exactly who you want to reach.

Link Gathering

Compile all of the live streams you want to reach in an instant.

Custom Messages

Write a perfect message that engages your target streamer.


Follow and send your message to hundreds of streamers!

Custom Filters

With access to Twitch’s search filters, you can sort through thousands of live streams and find alike streamers that will connect with you. Some of the most successful filters are searching for your specific streaming genre and sorting from low to high viewers.


Gathering Links

This action gathers the links from your search so that Twitch Helper can visit each channel to engage with the streamer. Please note that it only collects links up to where you scrolled on the search results.

Custom Messages

You can write a custom message here that will be sent in chat after Twitch Helper follows that channel. The most successful messages let the streamer know that you followed them and ask for them to do the same! Along with this is a custom field that allows you to use the specific channel name in your message. Clicking this button will insert the channel name on your cursor.



When clicked, Twitch Helper visits each of your collected links to follow the stream and send your custom message. The channels are visited in order of the search results.